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How to Start & Maintain a Kickass SexForums.com Blog

I know what you're thinking, “Oh no, I have to write? I'm not in college!” But, this writing can be fun if you give it a fair chance. So, take a long deep breath, and then give the following article a read and see what you think.

You'll find how to create your blog, find out what a blog is, how to write your blog and maintain it, samples, some tips/pointers and even 10 ideas on blog themes.

How to start your own blog:

1.Log into your SexForums' account 2.Click on your name in the upper right hand corner of your screen and click on “My Settings”

user posted image

3.Scroll down to the “Create a blog” section. 4.Read the information and click on the box beside of agree. 5.Click the “next” button 6.Enter title and description in the boxes 7.Click the “finish” button at the bottom of the screen. 9.Then, you will come back to the original blog screen. 10.To write in your blog, click on the blog name you wish to make an entry in

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11. Fill in desired information and entry (note all of the options just like an e-mail might have and use them appropriately). 12. Once everything is to your liking, (make sure you choose “published” in the bottom drop down menu or else it will be in “draft” form and then click on the “post new entry” button.

user posted image

If you wish to edit, delete, publish, make an entry a feature entry OR create a new entry for your blog, click on your name at the top right of the screen and click on the “my blog” tab. From here, you will be able to choose the blog entry and the options to choose from. Make your revisions and then click on the “submit changes” button at the bottom.

user posted image

What is a blog?

A blog is simply a way of expressing our thoughts, actions, feelings, concerns, etc in an online conversation with your community members (in this case SF'ers).

How to start writing blog entries?

1.Pick a theme for your blog (Examples: kinky sex adventures, sex toy adventures, online dating adventures, exploring your sexuality, etc.)

2.Decide exactly who your target audience is going to be. (Example: the 18-25 years old, 25-40 years old, online daters, women, men, etc) 3.Make your opening entry very exciting and intriguing, so people will want to come back for your follow-up entries. 4.Do any kind of pre-writing tasks you want to do: brainstorming, drafting, outlining, etc. Some times this will make it easier for a person to write a detailed conversational piece than just sitting down at the keyboard and typing (which is how I have always written everything.) This stage is all a matter of personal preference. 5.Don't make this a formal research paper. Make this entertaining and interesting to both you and your readers. 6.Remember, this blog can have as many entries as you want, so there's o need to try and pack everything into one entry. (Create mini-chapters for us to read) 7.Leave room for your readers to ask and answer questions via comments. (For example you could end an entry like this: What did it feel like when you first touched your current lover? Did it feel like your world stopped turning around you?) This way it gives your readers the idea of how you were feeling, but it also gives them the invitation to comment and have a conversation with you which can at times lead into another blog entry. 8.Make your title and your introduction and your closing statements leading.

(Title Example: How Did IT Happen) When I first chose my blog theme, I knew I wanted to do some sort of play on words to draw people's attention to it and not totally give it away in the title. So, I chose to use the “IT” because we are on SexForums, and I know where 99% of your brains were going to go. This will help catch readers' eyes and also keep them reading and get them “hooked” into my blog. This is a much better way than titling my blog “How I Meet My Lover”

(Intro. Example: “ One early January night in 2006, IT happened by a shock and a total surprise to me. I NEVER thought the day would come when IT happened. I had given up hope on IT ever happening, but yet, I wanted it even more as the days rolled ticked away in my life. I had just turned 22, and I was feeling really unattractive and unwanted in the world. Then suddenly, IT all started happening. As each minute ticked by, my heart raced more and more wondering what's going to happen next. After the world seemed to stop spinning around me, I realized what was happening finally! My once hidden away heart, my once unwanted soul, and my once unattractive body was now letting IT happen.”) I chose this narrative description to continue my use of playing around with the word “IT” and also to give you details and yet keep you wondering just what happened. I could have said, “I logged into my e-mail one night in 2006 and met my future lover.” Which is more captivating and exciting? Most people would think the first example by far is more leading and exciting.

(Body of the entry should fill in any information you are willing to give out in this entry and still invite people to communicate with you by asking questions or asking for their inputs.)

(Closing example: “Who has ever felt like their entire world was at a standstill waiting on the next phase to happen? How am I ever going to contain myself enough to get through each day?”)

I chose this as my closing remarks to hopefully allow readers to talk to me and keep the ideas flowing. It makes the whole process more interesting and engaging for everyone involved. I could have just ended it after my last paragraph, BUT that doesn't lead into discussion very well.

I chose this as my closing statements


1.Decide what is closest to your heart that you can have an on-going conversation about.

2.Your blog should be about something that would also interest others. (Example: the best sex adventures of your life. Non-example: 3 sentences about shaving your pubes.)

3.Remember your entries don't have to be long and drawn out, but they do need to attract people's eye, be intriguing, and be somewhat entertaining.

4.Use colorful words/expressions. Make your blog entries make your readers want to close their eyes and be able to picture exactly what you're talking about or feeling.

(Example: As I heard his voice for the first time, my heart raced, my palms were sweating around the phone. The conversation came to a pause, and I began to try to speak, and my voice was very shaky as I said, “Hey baby, I never thought this day was going to happen.”)

As you read that, I assume most of you have been in those shoes at least once in your lives and can relate to it very easily which makes it more engaging and intriguing while making the readers want to read more.

(Non-example: I heard his voice for the first time today.)

If I was the one reading that statement, I would be thinking, “Hmmm okay, and the big deal is WHAT?”

5. Remember a blog is a conversation you are having with your audience. It is important to think about exactly how you talk to your friends. I realize we all have our own styles, and that's okay, but it needs to be something we can all follow along with enjoy.

6.Choose a “catchy” title. 7.Don't try to become a PRO overnight. 8.Relax and ENJOY this because blogging is a great form of sharing, stress relief, and so much more! 9.You can include lists if that's appropriate in your entry. Some times that helps as opposed to doing it all in story format. 10.Leave each entry open for wonder. (Think about a TV show. Do they ever tell the end of the story plot? No, usually even the finales of shows leave you wondering what might happen next.)

What are some juicy themes for your SF blog?

Kinky sexual experiences Exploring your sexuality Exploring new sex toys Online dating Cybering experiences New sex techniques Relationships/Marriage/Love Your own erotica (fiction or non-fiction) Single's expedition (who you are, what you're looking for, who you're meeting, what's to come, what happens on dates, etc) Fantasies

With all of those ideas being stated, please REMEMBER we do have rules on SF. Your blog must follow those rules. Remember keep it all above 18 years old, no bestiality, rape, scat, and no spamming please!

Now, let's see what you're made of, and let's get started writing. Put your fingers to work on the keyboard instead of in your between your legs for a little bit! __IPBWIKI_IMG_HTTPS__www.sexforums.com/public/style_emoticons/default/wink.gif__IPBWIKI_IMG_HTTPS_END__ __IPBWIKI_IMG_HTTPS__www.sexforums.com/public/style_emoticons/default/wink.gif__IPBWIKI_IMG_HTTPS_END__