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Top Frequently Asked Questions

Learning More About SexForums

I know I agreed to a Terms of Service when I signed up, but are there official rules of conduct for the SexForums site?

Answer: Yes, we have a clear list of forum rules. Please read these and get familiar with them. Mods are here to enforce the rules and will expect you to be aware of them.

How do I get started on the site?

Answer: A great guide to getting started is located here.

Common Issues

Why do I get a "spam filter" alert when I try to do something, such as sending a PM?

Answer: Our goal is to make the site enjoyable for everyone. Part of accomplishing this means keeping worthless or unwanted messages and content to a minimum. In addition to our Moderators' activities, our system has built-in filters that prohibit certain types of behavior. This includes behavior that could be perceived as abusive by other members, even if that wasn't the intention. For more information please read this.

I think something's broken on the site - or maybe just for me. How do I file a technical support request?

Answer: Please post all technical support requests in the Help & Feedback Forum.

Deletion Questions

How do I delete gallery pictures I've uploaded?

Answer: You can delete any or all of your pictures, and/or you can change the privacy setting on any of your pictures (making them visible only to you, your friends, all SexForums.com members, all VIP members, or everyone - including visiting guests).

You go to Gallery > My Stuff, and you can manage your pictures individually or use the Album Options. Follow this link for a more complete guide to using the SexForums.com gallery system.

How do I delete pictures I've posted in threads or posts?

Answer: When you edit a picture in your gallery (either by changing its privacy or by removing it from your gallery), it is updated in the threads. Please note there is a period of time (usually the same day) between updating the settings and the change appearing in the threads.

I want to delete a whole thread I started. Is this possible?

Answer: Unfortunately, a thread may not be deleted once it is started. Our forums and threads are a collaborative work by our members, and many people contribute to each topic and forum. It becomes a part of the community and is "owned" by the community - not just the starter. One member cannot dictate to the rest of the members that it should be deleted.

I want to delete a post I added to a thread. Can I do this?

Answer: Typically, no - for the same reason why whole threads cannot be deleted. As a thread has progressed, your post has become a part of it - like bricks supporting a structure. It's likely that other members' comments have reacted to yours and/or the conversation has been influenced by your contribution to the thread. In most cases, we will not delete individual posts. In certain cases, we will make exceptions to this rule, especially for our high point-earning contributors. If you are an active member on the site and feel like your situation warrants an exception, please PM davstar directly.

What if I just add something nasty and illegal to my post or thread? Won't that get it removed?

Answer: No, it will just get the individual post flagged and your account suspended or banned.

I want to cancel my SexForums account. What do I do?

Answer: We have set up a process to cancel your account online. Go to the Request account deactivation form to terminate your account.

Why do you ask for verifying data on the Request account deactivation form?

Answer: Cancellation is permanent and cannot be undone. To protect our members from malicious cancellation requests, we have appropriate security measures in place that are required to identify you as the true owner of the account you wish to cancel.

Point System Questions

What is the points system again, and why does it matter to me?

Answer: The points system is the core ranking system here at SexForums. It is how we recognize and reward the members who add the most value to the community by adding great content, inviting new members to join, and helping others. It matters because points leaders will earn perks and special access that regular members will not - in addition to being recognized prominently on the site as a points leader. Also, we give away great prizes for points leaders on a monthly and an annual basis. For more information, please click here.

OK, I'm interested! How do I earn points?

Answer: For starters, if you complete your profile, get new members to join SF, and regularly add content to the site, you'll earn points and be in contention. For more information on earning points, please visit our How To Earn Points page.

Can I see examples of how people are earning points?

Answer: Sure! Just go here and see who's earning points for what.

VIP Questions

Where can I sign up for VIP membership?

Answer: You can click here to sign up as a VIP member.

What are the benefits of a VIP membership?

Answer: There are a lot of benefits for our VIP members. They can post external links in specified areas of the site, they are allotted extra storage space, they are allowed into the VIP sections (like our VIP Live Chat area and the VIP forums), and they can use special features. Click here for a full list of VIP member perks.

How do I cancel my VIP membership if I've set it up to be recurring?

Answer: We use SegPay as our payment provider. You can get help on this website, by calling (U.S. and Canadian Residents) 1-866-450-4000 or (the direct dial number) +1-514-788-5368, or via SegPay Chat here.

What appears on my credit card statement when I sign up for VIP status?

Answer: Your privacy is our utmost concern. Therefore, your credit card statement will list the charge as "Segpayeu.com."

I'm having an issue with my VIP membership. Who can I contact for help?

Answer: Send a PM to davstar or Shadow if you have any questions about or issues with your VIP membership.

Suggestions & Criticism

I'd like to suggest a new feature for SF. Who do I tell?

Answer: There's a forum for that! Please post your ideas and suggestions for improvement here.

Where do I send criticism about the site, rules, management and staff, or anything else?

Answer: We take member complaints and objections very seriously. For this reason, we encourage direct contact with davstar, the head administrator for the site. We don't recommend posting complaints in the Help & Feedback Forum since the response will be much slower.

I think I have what it takes to become a Moderator. Where do I apply?

Answer: Being a Moderator on SexForums requires dedication of time and a level of maturity and community respect that must be evident in your history on the site. If you've been active on the site for a while and are interested in taking on the responsibilities and excitement of becoming a Moderator, please visit our Contact Us page and select "Moderator Applicant" from the drop-down menu.

Even if you do not become a Moderator right away, there are other roles you might want to play on SexForums. We are always looking for friendly Greeters to welcome new members to the site.


Is there an RSS feed for SexForums?

Answer: Yes! In fact, there are feeds for nearly all of the separate content areas on the site. To grab your favorite feed or feeds, just visit this page.