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FAQ/Getting Started

Your own profile is a good place to start!

The more complete your profile is, the more members will be interested in chatting with you. A blank profile is a boring profile that doesn't attract attention.

Go to My Account > Account Settings to get started.

Using your Account Settings, you can change your name, use the Tip Me Wishlist feature to add your Amazon Wish List to your profile, track friends' blogs, and - most importantly - complete your profile.

Here are a few tips for creating an interesting profile:
  • Upload a profile picture and an avatar
    Even if you don't want to show your face on SexForums, you should have some sort of picture that gives people a hint about your personality or passions. If you like music, upload an album cover from your favorite band. No matter what you choose to use as your profile picture or avatar, it should say something about you. Having no profile picture or avatar at all is like you're saying, "It's alright if you're not interested in getting to know me. I'll just hang out over here in the corner and watch."

  • Configure your chat settings
    You can choose whether you're interested in just casual/non-sexual chatting, webcam chatting, or having cyber sex. You can indicate that you're interested in all three, just one or two of those options, or none of those situations. This will tell other members whether or not you're looking for someone to talk to - and what type of talking you'd like to be doing.

  • Tell people where you're from by enabling your location
    Not every member is comfortable revealing their location. You can choose whether or not to tell people where you're from and how specific you are willing to be. You can indicate just your country or your town/city and state (if you're from the U.S.).

  • Complete the sections for your music preferences, the TV shows you watch, the instant messenger services you use, etc.
    This information can provide opportunities to connect with other members based on stuff you have in common. You can even find matches to talk to via AIM, Skype, Yahoo! Messenger, and other services when you're not logged in on SexForums

  • Complete your Something About Me section and/or your signature
    You can include just about anything in these sections - pictures, quotations, or just a few statements about yourself. Note that there are a few rules to follow when creating a signature. Also, you are expected to follow SexForums.com site rules. Please don't advertise external sites in these areas.

Once your profile is complete, you should check out the boards/forums or access Live Chat and start putting yourself out there. Respond to a few threads and give your opinions. Follow the conversation in Live Chat - and feel free to jump in. The best way to meet other members is to interact with them.

Good luck!

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