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Point System

What is the point system again, and why does it matter to me?

Answer: The Point System is the core ranking system here at SexForums. It is how we recognize and reward the members who add the most value to the community by adding great content, inviting new members to join, and helping others. It matters because in addition to getting prominent recognition on the site as a points leader, leaders also will get perks and special access that regular members will not. Also, we give away great prizes for points leaders, both on a monthly and annual basis. For more information please click here.

OK, I'm interested! How do I get points?

Answer: For starters, if you complete your profile, get new members to join SF, and regularly add content to the site, you'll earn points and be in contention. For more information on getting points, please visit our Featured How To.

Can I see examples of how people are getting points?

Answer: Sure - just go here and see who's earning points for what.

Why female members earn more points than male members?

The point system is designed to reward participation and most of the points that people earn are from other members of the community liking, commenting on and growing a member's original contribution.

For example, you will get a certain number of points for uploading photos (note, there are daily, weekly and monthly caps on the amount of points that you can earn, so people don't try and cheat the system). In addition to the original points you get for that photo being uploaded, you get even more points when someone likes, reps and comments on your photos. The same philosophy applies for blogs and other writings.

As more people tend to like, rep and comment on female photos than male photos, women tend to earn more points than men. However, the members who provides the rating and commenting on these photos also get points.

What is a good strategy for men to earn points?

As written above that more people tend to comment on and rep female photos than male photos, men often have a different strategy when it comes to earning points vs women.

A strategy for male members, who want to collect more points to gain access to new functionalities, is to participate on the boards by posting comments (you get points for every comment you post on photos or blogs), add tags to photos you like (you get points for adding category tags to photos), to blog about their topics of choice, to post photos if they wish, and of course, they also gain plenty of points by rating and commenting on other members materials.

I thought I got points for uploading pictures, but I didn't get any points for my most recent upload. What's up?

You do get points for uploading pictures into SexForums. However, we have a number of spam filters in place so that people don't abuse the system.

Specifically, there are caps on the number of points you get for uploads per day, per 24 hours, per week and per month. Our goal is to make it harder for "cheaters" to abuse the system and give more credit to people who upload quality pictures.

This also shouldn't be of too much concern to members who are uploading good pictures, because you get WAY more points when people comment and like and favorite your photos than just for uploading them. Our point system is designed to reward quality, not just quantity.