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To access your account resources, click the My Account drop-down arrow beneath your username at the top of the page.

My Account drop-down menu options

- My Profile takes you to your profile page.

- My Points allows you to view the points you've earned as well as where you rank among other SF members.

- Subscribed Topics takes you to a list of the topics you're watching right now. You can manage and delete these topics or view the threads here.

- Manage Friends allows you to manage your friends list. You can sort your friends list by username, when they were last active, when they joined SexForums, and when you friended them. You can also remove friends from your chat bar and delete friends here.

- Manage Ignore Lists allows you to add and remove members from your ignore lists. Being able to ignore members or to have them ignore you helps to resolve conflicts without site staff becoming involved.

- Scroll down for a complete explanation of Account Settings options.

- Scroll down for a complete explanation of Privacy Settings options.

- Sign Out logs you out of SexForums.

To access your account settings, go to [http://www.sexforums.com/?app=core&module=usercp My Account > Account Settings.

Account Settings options

- The Settings tab allows you to show or hide content on your profile page, enable or disable your private messenger and the chat bar, and lets you determine how the site will appear when you view it. You can also change your e-mail address, password, and display name, in addition to giving you another way to access your notification settings. This is also where you manage your Amazon Wish List.

- The Blogs tab allows you to post a new blog entry or manage your blog subscriptions.

- The Profile tab allows you to change profile information, your profile picture, your avatar that appears in the forums when you post, and this is another way to access your ignore lists.

- The Forums tab allows you to change more display settings and manage your thread and forum subscriptions.

- The Gallery tab allows you to manage your gallery. You can add, edit, and delete albums; rename albums and pictures; change album privacy settings and restrictions; and upload pictures directly from your gallery. You can also add tags and receive comments.

To access your Privacy Settings, go to My Account > Privacy Settings.

Privacy Settings options

- The Notifications tab allows you to manage your notifications, including e-mail messages and PMs; decide which updates you'd like to receive; and turn on or off inline notifications, which appear when you're logged in and earn a badge.

- The Ignored Users tab here is another way to reach your ignore lists.

- The Friends & PM's tab allows you to enable or disable your friends list, restrict access to your content for certain groups of members, and enable or disable your private messenger.

- The My Gallery tab allows you to select the privacy levels for all of your gallery albums.

- The My Profile tab allows you to select the privacy level for your profile content.

- The Account Deactivation tab allows you to deactivate your account from your Privacy Settings.